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Бакалавр (англ.)

Direction of training 6.020303 Philology. Ukrainian language and literature

teacher of Ukrainian language and literature

Bachelor (first cycle of higher education).

There are no special requirements for admission; students’ enrolment is held according to general admission rules.

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Profile of the program

Students obtain the necessary knowledge in the branch of philology. Bachelor is preparing work as junior specialist in the branch of education, system of education and organizational work, to hold a post for substitution of specialists with basic higher education in state and public organizations.

Experts are able to trace the dynamics of public attitudes, interests, needs, social and personal priorities of the population; establish specifics and trends of public opinion, representatives of the region or specific groups compared with the position of Ukraine’s population as a whole; determine the real state of social well-being of citizens, the level of their readiness to participate in social and political life of the region and the country; set the level of public satisfaction or conflict of certain social groups, and therefore predict the prospects and progress of social processes.

A characteristic feature of the professional training program of the specialty “Philology” in Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University is focused on the formation of a scientific outlook, the ability to implement educational – cognitive activity and to use achieved knowledge in practical professional activity, to master languages and related specialties.

The total volume of the curriculum is 240 ECTS credits, incl .: modules of humanitarian and socio-economic cycle – 29 cr. modules of natural and mathematical preparation – 7 cr., modules of professional and practical training – 204 cr.

  1. Knowledge of subject area

The basic ideas about:

modern methodology of scientific research in the branch of philology; theory and methodology of philological sciences; methodology and sources of philological analysis to identify linguistic and literary concepts and philological study of certain philological processes, phenomena; main categories of pedagogy and psychology.

  1. Cognitive abilities and skills in subject area
  1. Practical skills in subject area

Using Ukrainian language in its literary form and dialect diversity; ability to analyze language in its historical development and contemporary state, using system of the basic terms and concepts of general linguistics; orientation in main stages of the history of the science of language and problems of modern linguistics. Awareness of the laws of literary process, the artistic value of a literary work in its social and cultural relations, the definition of artistic identity of works and the writer in general. Using language basic methods of linguistic and literary analysis. The ability to edit Ukrainian texts of different styles. Ability to use philological knowledge in the process of teaching Ukrainian Language and Literature, World Literature in the respective types of secondary schools.

  1. General abilities and skills

Bachelor in “Philology. «Ukrainian Language and Literature» can continue their education in the second cycle of higher education (level – Specialist and Master) on specialty«Philology. Ukrainian Language and Literature». Specialist – 5 years on the basis of general secondary education or 1 year of study at the bachelor degree; Master – 1.5 years of study based on the Bachelor degree or Specialist.

Temporal provision about knowledge evaluation and ranking of students in credit-modular system of educational process.

Completed curriculum amount of 240 credits, successful passing State Exam or thesis defense at the session of the State Examination Commission.

Dean of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology – Valentina O. Koval, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor.

Structural-logical scheme of training of educational-qualification level “bachelor” in the direction of training: 6.020303 Philology. Ukrainian Language and Literature.

Direction of training 6.020303 Philology. Ukrainian Language and Literature

Description of separate course units:

Structurallylogical scheme of training educational qualification of level “Bachelor” in specialty 6.020303 Philology. Ukrainian language and literature [1]

Direction of Ukrainian language and literature [2]

Specialization English [3]

Polish Specialization [4]