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      Факультет філології та журналістики

      Уманського державного педагогічного університету імені Павла Тичини

      Друк Друк

      Speciality 8.02030301 Ukrainian Language and Literature

      • Qualification that is assigned

      Philologist, professor of Ukrainian Language and Literature

      Level of qualification:

      Master (based on basic or higher education)

      • Special requirements for admission:

      There are no special requirements for admission; students’ enrolment is held according to general admission rules.

      • Special provisions for recognition of previous education (formal, informal, unofficial): do not have

      Profile of the program

      Master of philology prepared for pedagogical, academic, educational, scientific, methodical, organizational and management activities in the system of social studies and education.

      Students of master’s degree are working in education, training, scientific, methodical establishments and government agencies, on enterprises, in public organizations.

      Government agencies and organizations provide the necessary conditions for the use of teachers of Ukrainian Language and Literature in complete accordance to qualification and specialty that they have received.

      Specialists are able to trace the dynamics of public moods, interests, necessities, social and personal priorities of population; to set a specific and progress of public opinion of representatives of region, or specific group of population in comparing with position of population of Ukraine in the whole; to define the real state of social feel of citizens, level of their readiness for participating in social and political life of region and country; to set the level of public pleasure or conflict of certain social groups and therefore predict the prospects of motion of public social processes.


      A characteristic feature of the program of professional preparation from specialty “Ukrainian Language and Literature” at the university is orientation to forming of scientific world view, ability to carry out educational and cognitive activity, use these knowledge in practical professional activity, to master languages and related specialties.


      A general amount of the curriculum is 60 credits of ECTS, including cycles of humanitarian and socio-economic preparation – 10 cr., Natural Sciences and Mathematics – 6,5 cr., professional and practical preparation – 35 cr.

      • Key results of study

      The master of philology, professor of Ukrainian Language and Literature, must:


      – the basis of general and professional subjects to carry out the necessary research;

      – disciplines of psychological and pedagogical cycle in their focus on higher education (Pedagogy of high school);

      – the most recent researches on problems of didactics, teaching methods and training, techniques of training at universities and in work with gifted children;

      – fundamentals of scientific and administrative activities;

      – main directions of development of education, organizing, processing, analysis, synthesis and use of information;

      – fundamentals of methodical work on specialty, making informational, scientific and methodological materials;

      – progressive technology of training and active training methods;

      – experience in implementing humanistic ideas in national and foreign pedagogy;

      – psychology of communication with students and adults;

      – object, place, and linguistic connections with other branches of science and practice;

      – categories of linguistics and literature; laws, history, current state and the main directions of further development of Ukrainian linguistics and literature;

      – basic concepts, facts and methods of Ukrainian philology, including linguistic analysis, basics of grammar, phonetics, basics of lexicology, stylistics, history of Ukrainian Language;

      – scientific apparatus of modern linguistics and literary studies; concepts, ideas and methods of modern informational technologies.


      be able to:

      – creatively apply acquired knowledge for optimal solving teaching, training, educational, scientific, methodological problems taking into consideration the age and individual differences of students, pupils, characteristics of different social and educational situations;

      – to make effective educational work, promptly determine the extent and depth of learning of program material by students and pupils, to develop the skills of independent learning and making experiments to identify their natural abilities;

      – use a variety of forms and methods of training, to be able to use modern learning technologies and progressive methods of management training, work, social and other activities of students, pupils;

      – contribute to the formation of the students, pupils ideas about modern linguistic science, develop interest in learning Ukrainian Language and Literature and related sciences, organize individual classes with students, pupils on complicated programs;

      – independently working on obtaining scientific knowledge and make psychological and pedagogical research, introduce their results in practice, have the skills to work with modern scientific technologies of processing and make up the results of research, work with modern scientific technologies of information processing

      – study, analyze, synthesize and disseminate the best teaching experience, systematically improve their professional qualifications, taking into consideration the previous positive experience and the experience of foreign countries;

      – use the basics of professional rhetoric;

      – continue to study and carry out professional activities in a foreign language environment;

      – rationally use modern educational equipment, technical means of training and computer equipment

      – apply the acquired knowledge and skills to solve problems of linguistic and literary studies;

      – use techniques and methods of linguistics and literary studies;

      – use scientific apparatus in research in the field of modern Ukrainian Language and Ukrainian Literature

      • Professional profiles of graduates with examples

      Objects of activity of students of master’s degree in “Ukrainian Language and Literature” are the implementation of educational, methodical and organizational activities in educational institutions of I – IV accreditation levels in educational, research, teaching, public institutions, enterprises, public organizations.

      • Professional profile – professor of Ukrainian Language and Literature

      A specialist in the field of higher education is able to occupy posts provided by typical lists of positions for substitution them by specialists with higher education in state and public organizations.

      Access to further study

      Students of master’s degree of specialty “Ukrainian Language and Literature” can continue their education in postgraduate school.

      • Regulations on the examination, assessment and marks

      Temporal provision about knowledge evaluation and ranking of students in credit-modular system of educational process.

      • Requirements for graduation.

      Completed curriculum of the 60 credits, a successful defense of master’s work at a meeting of the State Examination Commission.

      Form of study


      • Program Director or corresponding public servant

      Dean of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology – Valentina O. Koval, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor.


       Structural-logical scheme of educational qualification of Master degree


      ДВС Fundamentals of Functional Linguistics

      ДВС History of Ukrainian Linguistics

      ДВС Literary Criticism

      ДВС The methodology of modern linguistic research

      ДВФ Modern literary process

      ДВФ Philosophy and Methodology of Literary Research

      ДВФ Technologies of education in the branch

      ДВФ Ukrainian-Slavic linguistic parallels

      ОНД Academic rhetoric

      ОНД Business Foreign Language

      ОНД Civil protection and Labour Protection in branch

      ОНД Methods of teaching Ukrainian language at higher educational establishments

      ОНД Methods of training Ukrainian literature in higher educational establishments

      ОНД Pedagogy of high school

      OND Philosophy and Sociology of Education

      ОНД Psychology of high school

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